English-French technical translation expertise

Your time is precious, and your documents urgent.

Do you need an impeccable translation from English or French, on a tight deadline and without blowing your budget?

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StylWord guarantees :

  • Precise, fluid translation: Our expertise guarantees impeccable results, with no trace of translation.
  • A style adapted to your business sector: We use the appropriate terminology for clear, effective communication.
  • An error-free text: Our rigorous approach guarantees an impeccable translation.

Entrust us with your documents and benefit from top-quality translation at a competitive price.

With over 36 years’ experience, StylWord specializes in English-to-French translation in the IT field.

We have carried out numerous projects for a wide range of clients, covering a wide variety of fields.

StylWord uses state-of-the-art translation tools to store and reuse translated text. This not only saves time and ensures terminological consistency, but also enables us to offer our customers more attractive rates. In fact, text that has already been translated is not re-invoiced, lowering the cost of translation over time.